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RUN FOR your lives!
It isn't at all obvious, either.Her inner goddess (ridiculous metaphor for her vagina) is still annoyingly present, and her subconscious has gotten even bitchier (just how Ana knows what's going on in her subconscious has yet to be determined).Call me crazy, but to me, this is understandable.She's so unsure of herself, in fact, that she keeps asking the reader questions; "What is he trying to tell me?" "What does he/she mean?" "What is going on?" "What should I do?" "Where is our relationship going?" "What was that about?" "Where are.It's so sweet, too, their reunion.After Christian and Ana announce their engagement, Elena angrily confronts Ana, accusing her of being a gold-digger and claiming that a vanilla relationship will never satisfy Christian.
I kinda figured she'd go the subtle route and get herself a bunny.
After telling Grace the whole story, he decides to end his business relationship with Elena and give back the salon to her.
After watching a fireworks display (during which Ana was awed like a fucking four-year-old I was treated to this exchange: Christian: "Stay with me a moment.
Warning: Graphic Visual Interpretation of Christian and Ana's Sex (view spoiler oh, and she apparently loses consciousness after every orgasm.
The breaking of said principles, as per the agreement, is deserving of time in his "Den" or smaller than expected dungeon.Word Count: "Oh my" - papa johns daily specials 47 "Crap" - 36 "Jeez" - 84 "Holy - 124 "Whoa" - 30 "Gasp" - 44 "Gasps" - 17 "Sharp Intake of Breath" - 5 "Murmur" - 91 "Murmurs" - 194 "Whisper" - 140 "Whispers" - 113 "Mutter" -.Robinson ) and discovers that Elena and Christian own a salon business together.I don't even know where to go from here.I had thought the first line was good, but in comparison, lines like this are pure comedic gold: "I want you, and the thought of anyone else having you is like a knife twisting in my dark soul.".He is diverted and gives Ana a gaze intently at that makes her flush.Plus, I had a few people tell me they couldn't wait for my reviews of the second and third Fifty books.Invisible." Did I mention Ana's dumb?Retrieved Fifty Shades Darker Christian Grey Masks Up for First Still (Photo.Taylor, Christian's chief bodyguard, now has three guys under his command, and all four of them are cruising the party, keeping an eye out for.Their cooperation doesn't stop there.