ffxiv a realm reborn patch

Furthermore, display of unaffected gear can be toggled off.
Pressing cancel while viewing a window of the Main Menu will paperless post coins promo code return the cursor to the previously selected Main Menu category.
Online status will no longer be displayed for alliance members outside your party.
From the Company Profile window, select Withdraw Application.An issue wherein the graphics of a certain character that appears in the cutscene of Hildibrand side story quest will be displayed incorrectly.Quest objective completion icons will now also appear in the Journal.An issue wherein spawning animations did not display for enemies during certain grand company leves.(Windows version only) * The cross hotbar can now be used when playing in Mouse Mode.The following subcommands are now available when targeting a minion: Dismiss/Emote/Mark/Focus Target The size of certain minions has been adjusted.Target highlighting is disabled by default.Item Name Type Description Crimson Standard Bracelet Bracelet Item media classic player 321 Level: 55/Equipment Level: 50 Increases Spiritbond Gain 2 Lily and Serpent Bracelet Bracelet Item Level: 55/Equipment Level: 50 Increases Spiritbond Gain 2 Tipping Scales Bracelet Bracelet Item Level: 55/Equipment Level: 50 Increases Spiritbond Gain 2 Master.The number of fates viewable on the Recommendations list has been increased.
This is the second patch to hit Final Fantasy XIV since it's release; you can read what we thought in our.
In the event the letter cannot be sent, a message will appear in the log window indicating whether the item was returned to your inventory or armoury chest.
Master leatherworker's ring I Made That: Weaver III Craft 250 unique weaver recipes.
Certain NPCs in Revenant's Toll have been relocated.
The following changes have been made to the mouse mode Main Menu: Windows of the Main Menu will now open with a single click, even when a previous window is still open.In the event you do not meet the requirements for a duty, a detailed error message indicating unfulfilled requirements will now be displayed.Gathering rate will only reach 0 when accessing certain high-level gathering points with an extremely low Gathering rating.Font size settings will now affect text entered in the chat log window.Players can now see their breath in cold areas.Master carpenter's ring I Made That: Blacksmith III Craft 190 unique blacksmith recipes.The following changes have been made to the Duty Finder: "A Relic Reborn: The Chimera" and "A Relic Reborn: The Hydra" have been added to the Duty Finder.When ground targeting is set to Unlocked, the targeting circle can be freely controlled by pressing RB/R1Left Stick.