fallout new vegas xbox 360 patch

What did you expect?
Lol *cough* Oblivion *cough* spamdangled 18:28:09 30,835 posts Seen 3 days ago Registered 9 years ago The annoying thing is, I actually had no problems with the game whatsoever *until* they fucking patched.
Must be the patch.
The patch downloaded from PSN was integrated within this data.King_Edward 18:32:41 11,470 posts Seen 5 months ago Registered 8 years ago Is it installed?Fallout: New Vegas patch 8 - released on October 20, 2010.Note: after removing the game data and installing it again: When you attempt to load from a game save, the game will warn you that you are missing content.Well be sure to let you know when the new one. .Are they trying to actually make the game *less* stable?New Vegas, because all software hiccups aside, the game is a great experience overall.For more information, go here.
Also Honest Hearts will not show up as a quest.
This only comes as the most recent technical issue in a long line of old mario game for pc windows xp them for.
Edit, fallout: New Vegas patch 5 - current, released on July 7, 2011.
Upon loading a saved games, an error message will appear stating that the game relies on content that is no longer available, with an option to back out of the saved game load.
Fallout: New Vegas patch 2 - released on February 21, 2011.
Fixes numerous issues and bugs.I had almost exactly the same problem after RDR was patched (it also froze when shooting or using dead eye).What sort of lunacy is this?This second version was issued to get rid of a bug that caused certain users to be unable to load their saved games.From there highlight your Xbox's primary storage device, and press.When you start up the game again, you will be told that there is an update to the game.Deleted user 18:52:58 DcP729UK wrote: i'm so glad i got the PS3 version.Fallout: New Vegas is available now for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.Morriss 18:55:34 71,290 posts Seen 1 month ago Registered 13 years ago rodpad wrote: If it still fucks up after you've deleted the patch then logic dictates it's not the patch.Fixes some bugs reopened with.3.DLC Note: If you remove all the patches from the PlayStation 3 version, itools for windows 64 bit and play the DLC some bugs will occur such as Dog not being able to talk, therefore halting the DLC and it's progress.Xbox 360 Edit From the Xbox 360 Dashboard, go to the 'system settings' and select 'memory'.Wrote: darkmorgado wrote: Ah, I think, this must be the one they've released that fixes all the bugs.Heyyo 18:46:43 14,356 posts Seen 3 years ago Registered 12 years ago darkmorgado wrote: The annoying thing is, I actually had no problems with the game whatsoever *until* they fucking patched.