entity framework 5 dll

I have a project using Entity Framework, but I am not sure which version crack keygen proshow gold 5.0.3222 of EF I am using.
Exe - Microsoft.NET, framework.5.If I right-click on the References folder of the project and select Manage NuGet Packages, it show EF5 with an Uninstall-button, implying I have EF5.EF5 has been successfully installed.Entity Framework master collection cs4 keygen activation crack readme Tools.However I did not create anyone get a direct deposit date for 2014 tax refund the EF-part of the project, but got it from version control (TFS).Determine version of Entity Framework I am using?Hope this clears things up for some of you.Inside net40 theres an EntityFramework.In the net45 folder is the EntityFramework.Dll - Microsoft T isapi Shim DLL perfcounter.Dll.NET.5.NET.5 is where enum support lives, where hema lives, where System.
This makes a lot of sense, but there are a lot of people who ask me I just downloaded EF5 but where are the enums.
There are two folders in the lib folder net40 and net45.
So whats with that version number?Dll file that is version.Microsoft version history, eF5 will install itself: If you create a new model using the Entity Framework Designer in Visual Studio 2012, the EF5 NuGet package will be installed to your project and the generated code will make use of EF5.We have two versions of EntityFramework coming via a single NuGet so that YOU dont have to worry about downloading the correct version to align with the version.NET that your project is targeting.I do have this in my nfig: section name"entityFramework" EntityFramework, Version, Cultureneutral, requirePermission"false" / And this in my nfig: configSections section name"entityFramework" EntityFramework, Version, Cultureneutral, requirePermission"false" / /configSections!-.- dependentAssembly assemblyIdentity name"EntityFramework" culture"neutral" / bindingRedirect oldVersion"-" newVersion" / /dependentAssembly!-.- entityFramework defaultConnectionFactory EntityFramework" / /entityFramework Can anybody.