emergency 3 mods installer

911 First crack color efex pro 3.0 mac Responder/Em4, first type magic in game there is no console just type it then it should say cheat activated then you just put in what you want (Watch Out With 'Win Mission' Don't use in freeplay it will end the game) 100.000 credits.
(Would like the NY mod, but its not as complete as LA).I could really care less about the base vehicles.He's talkin about Emergency.Oh, and 1 last thing: I have Emergency 3.No problem with running the actually vanilla game looks great with new GFX cards.
I have tried running it as an admin, windows xp mode, regedit(ing) it etc etc etc.
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But I doubt it if you recently bought EM3, those are usually patched to the max.
Has it really been almost 10 years!
First one a Dell second one a MSI gaming computer.
About the Modinstaller: go to start - programmes - Strategy first - Emergency 3 - EM 3 Modinstaller.Says it isn't installed correctly and please re install.Also tried to download the pre made regedit fix on this website but still nothing.Nothing seems to work.Hey Guys, I'm a firefighter from New York, and I just bought the game earlier today.Use the mod installer (if it works for them) to install the mod, then zip the unpacked mod files and upload that to this website.Would be nice if everybody stopped to carp on everything or everybody, especially when you have zero idea of what you are talking about.Does that bloody matter, you're not stupid are you?But the Mod installer doesn't work.Now I have read through the form and tried multiple ways of editing my Registry which was the previous fix but to no avail.That is the LA mod for Emergency 3 that I am trying to get.If the ModInstaller isn't there you need to install patch three.Apparently i forgot my old user name.So First, off anyone know of a way to fix it?