dvd player screen raspberry pi

Perhaps your electronics teacher might help with.
Im also planning to do a blog post about watching a DVD with Openelec some time soon, so watch this space.
Then using an SD card adapter and a USB hub, copy the toshiba journe touch update video file or files you want to loop into the target directory.The pins are: - 100 cvbs1 - 97: Y 94: C (luma chroma) - 91 cvbs2, one could follow the traces on the mainboard and see which ones lead to the connectors.This will only work with your own recordings.In order to use mpeg2, you need to buy an mpeg2 codec from.To do this in a terminal command line on the video looper disk, type sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get upgrade and all should be well.Sure enough there.You may have to modify the startup file at /home/pi/ to stop the autoboot of the video.Then sit back and relax.Image Credit: Buster Baxter.
There should be a list of files ending with.VOB.
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If the monitor has a headphone socket, you can run the audio out of that into a device with an amplifier and speakers.
It needs to be externally powered.
The display cannot be connected to gpio.
If you want a video to loop on a HD screen in your art installation, shop window or on your trade show stand, there is a simple way to do it with a standard Raspberry.
Also, some users have reported problems with the video playing once and dropping out.But when the loops ran out after about an hour or so, you had to either rewind or press Play again, and that was only if you noticed.Cd video_TS, then list the files.Ls -l to list the files and sub-directories in the current directory then you want to see whats on the DVD, so ls -l should show you a couple of folders.When youre done watching, press Q to quit.