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Explicitly stated to be quite good at both using her swords and magic.
Also using sword-oriented magic effects (mostly elemental in nature ) are characters given the Warrior dressphere in Final Fantasy X-2.In the Grand Master books, Lone Wolf can learn Old Kingdom Magic and Left-Handed Magic (called Kai Alchemy in the books) making him a true Magic Knight.General Helkazard from Noob is both The Archmage and one of the most powerful warriors of the setting.Main character Alex fits the mold the best, though, given she acquires every spell and her magick replenishes twice as fast as anyone else's.Recent years have seen the formation of the Asgarda tribe in Ukraine.That means the buff pegasi and unicorns guarding Celestia are the local equivalent of Bodyguard Babes.Women were finally allowed to serve in all branches of the armed forces in 1992.Fire Emblem Fates has returning Dark Knight, Grandmaster and Dark Flier (the latter two as DLC exclusives and introduces even more new classes fitting the mold - Basara, promotion for Spear Fighters capable of using tomes; Priestesses, promoted Shrine Maidens using bows, and their literal.It's easy to forget because Stormbringer is so iconic, but Elric is actually a competent (if not necessarily superhuman) swordsman and highly skilled wizard even without the runeblade so long as he stays properly medicated.
One episode of Stargate Atlantis featured an Amazon Brigade providing most of the muscle.
On the enemy side of things, Velstadt the Royal Aegis and his former comrade Raime the Fume Knight are both armored behemoths armed with huge weapons who use magic when the tide of battle turns against them.
This seems to be the standard for the Magical Girls of Puella Magi Madoka Magica ; the loadout seems to be the ability to materialize weapons, boosted physical attributes, a unique ability, and rarely-used energy blasts.
While most have low magic stats, setting the magic command will increase the magic stat by a certain amount based off of the level.
Of course, only women need apply.
Taken even further with the Wolkenritter, who are Made of Magic on top of being Belkan Knights.
The Amazons in Wonder Woman, natch.The Longwing dragon captains in the Temeraire series could be a sort of Amazon Brigade Longwings almost exclusively select female captains (it is implied that on occasion one will accept a male grudgingly, but none have been shown yet).They are, the Squad, with about four liters of estrogen added, and little to no loss in testosterone.Dark Elf Sorceresses also qualify due to a prophecy that a male sorcerer would kill their Witch-King, who quite naturally banned men from practicing magic.Among the Sentinel party members, Kaidan Alenko grew into a magic knight between games while Nyreen Kandros is one from the moment she appears.The male fans of the show seem to like it this excel hsc maths study guide way too, to the point that if someone refers to the main characters as the "Mane 7" and includes poor Spike, it tends to cause drama.The Abhorsens in the Old Kingdom series, also the Royal Guard, and possibly the Clayr Librarians.