dual boot windows 8 y ubuntu 13.04

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Retrieved "Utopic Unicorn Release Schedule".If you're running Fedora, CentOS, Mandriva, Opensuse, Gentoo, Debian, or most other Linux distributions, the procedure I'm about to serial windows xp pro sp3 fr describe will probably work; however, some details may differ.Hill, Benjamin Mako; Bacon, Jono; Burger, Corey; Jesse, Jonathan; Krstic, Ivan.When you reboot, highlight one of the Linux options that refers to a file called vmlinuz- version, where version is a version number.This is not a typo.) Type sudo grub-install.This can reportedly limit some features, but I'm a bit unclear about the details.128 MiB is actually much bigger than is required for this purpose, but OS X likes to see gaps between partitions when it installs or upgrades the OS, so when you eventually delete this partition, it will leave the type of gap that.Zachte, Eric (September 2013).
"Canonical to Make gnome Default Session in Ubuntu.10, Likely Use Wayland".
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115 The platform allows developing one app with two interfaces: a smartphone UI, and, when docked, a desktop UI; a demo version for higher-end Ubuntu smartphones was shown that could run a full Ubuntu desktop when connected to a monitor and keyboard, which was.
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On the other hand Ubuntu.04 comes with the LibreOffice suite (a Microsoft Office Equivalent) preinstalled.
I use Windows 7 for certain mission-critical applications and software that work only on Windows.
My EFI Boot Loaders for Linux Web page describes the options that are available.52 In newer versions of Ubuntu, the Ubuntu Live USB creator can be used to install Ubuntu on a USB drive (with or without a live CD or DVD)."Petition for a Better Ubuntu".152 In early 2008, PC World named Ubuntu the "best all-around Linux distribution available today though it criticized the lack of an integrated desktop effects manager.(Note that Disk Utility hides the EFI System Partition (ESP which is normally the first partition on the disk.) If you created a Linux partition, type d in gdisk to delete.