delimited text plugin qgis

The x and y coordinates must be specified as a number.
Using the Plugin, to use the plugin you must first enable it as described in Section sec:managing_plugins_.
The delimited text file now behaves as any other map layer in qgis.
These fields can have any name.To properly parse the file, it is important to select the correct delimiter.The x coordinates are contained in the em X field.No"s (tt) are used to delimit text fields.Finally enter a Layer name (e.g., elevp ) as shown in Figure T o add the layer to the map, click :guilable:OK.
This must be the first line in the text file.
The header row must contain an X and Y field.
Requirements, to view a delimited text file as layer, the text file must contain: A delimited header row of field names.The y coordinates are contained in the em Y field.Once the file is parsed, choose the X and Y fields from the drop down lists and if available also the WKT field for the CRS information.The coordinate system is not important.Some items of note about the text file are: #.The example text file uses mbox; as delimiter.The first row is the header row.Add Delimited Text Layer to open the Delimited Text dialog as shown in figure beginfigureht centering includegraphicscliptrue, game delta force xtreme 2 full crack width10cmdelimited_text_dialog captionDelimited Text Dialog endfigure, first select the file (e.g., qgis_sample_data/csv/v) to import by clicking on the buttonBrowse button.It contains the fields X, Y and elev.Click the new toolbar icon delimited_text.Quantum GIS, the Delimited Text plugin allows you to load a delimited text file as a layer in qgis.