dear john greek subs

This one is directed by Enzo Miloni.
7098 Dark Echoes (77) aka: Deep Echo Similar to John Carpenters "The Fog" L936 Dark Friday (93) Two men and their female friend lure two young women to a house by the sea and proceed to terrorize them.Mad Butcher, The (72) Victor Buono - BA 4479 Mad Stylist, The (97) Cat III ultra-violence with subs 9919 Madame De Sade: She Beast in Hell (86) Spurned mistress captures and tortures her lover and targets his new bride for next in line - Nikkatsu!Curse of the Blood of the Lizard of Doom : Edinburg 1880.Looks like an attempt to emulate "Underworld" in some ways.The Incredibly Strange Film Show with Tsui Hark and Stuart Gordon!Lamberto taken 5 game now Bava uncut import print of the gory ghostly chiller BA 8251 Ghost Keeper (81) Their ancestors spoke of the evil being that lived in the mountains.
2597 Ten Brothers (95) aka: Shi xiong di Subs 1382 Tender Dracula (74) aka: The Big Scare Two writers and their girlfriends visit the castle of an actor who specializes in playing vampire roles.
21 .L.
Directed by Michael Soavi this is the last word on this classic. .
Naked superhero women battle penis tentacled monsters! .
More Extreme XXX Nastiness (Gross One clip from Fox News has one of their correspondents stomping grapes and she trips and falls off the platform and screams and howls in pain (this clip is worth the price of admission alone as you'll want to play.Eloy De La Iglesias directs this horror tale based on the novel by Henry james.Well, you get the picture! .She lives alone with his creepy, deranged son (Maurizio degli Esposti working at home as a fake clairvoyant exploiting a squalid crowd of ignorant, bigot, repulsive yet rich people looking for supernatural advice.And sets up their base of operations out of a funeral home (how convenient!) Genuinely shocking horror thriller. .Frenzy of the Tongs : Limehouse 1911.Japanese horror w/ subs.Then 2 lesbians move.7107 Obscene Beast Teacher #5 (96) .L.