dawn of war dark crusade patch 1.11 1.20

Slightly reduced the Hammerhead Gunships accuracy on the move.
O Turbo Boost ability was removed.
Mad Doks Burna Bomb The Burna Bomb no longer explodes when deleted.Tech o Power Fists Research now increases the damage of the Force Weapon and the Crozius Arcanum o Increased the cost of the Monastery upgrade from 250r/100p to 250r/105p.Decreased the damage bonus from the Advanced Pulse Rifle upgrade from 35.Players can now target enemy troops in a replay when the Fog of War is turned off.Tech o When a Monolith becomes a Fully Restored Monolith, it no longer loses its control group binding.
Chaos Projectiles Research has been reworked.
Their damage increase debuff no longer stacks.
Bone Singers now spawn with the Teleport ability half charged.
Berserkers o Khorne Berserkers now require the Sacrificial Circle.
Infiltrate is now a research that comes from the Tactica Control.Kroot Barracks has been renamed as the Kroot Shaping Center, and now requires a Path to Enlightenment.This should be out soon.O Decreased Flayed Ones special windows xp sp3 pro black edition x86 july 2012 iso attacks damage to buildings.Improved Metallurgy now increases the Tau Commanders health by 200.O Vespids now start with 3 squad members.Quest's Triumph: 2nd ramp to center point was added to improve balance.