cisco cue script editor

Iptx v psp 3000 emulator for pc Setting Up an Automated Attendant (Cont.) Step 3 of 3: Assign the call-in number, language, and maximum allowed sessions Set the language and maximum sessions allowed.
Wav Application setting and parameters may be set from corel photoimpact x3 keygen the GUI or the CLI.The script is currently enabled.Provides Emergency Alternate Greeting Alert callers to temporary schedule changes owing to bad weather and other unexpected events.What tasks need to be completed in order to implement this design?Iptx v Setting Up an Automated Attendant (Cont.) CUE(config ccn application autoattendant CUE(config-application parameter welcomePrompt AAgreeting.Upload the script and prompts to the CUE system for active call control.Prompts used by the script may be uploaded from this page or assigned from a drop-down list.
To enter the name of the person you are trying to reach, press.
Set the pilot number for the application.
Either the GUI or the CLI is used to associate the script with an application and set application parameters.
Create Generated Prompt Create prompt phrases from intermediate variables,.g.
Wav businessSchedule: systemschedule Cisco Systems, Inc.
If the EAG is activated via the TUI, the recorded prompt is stored as AltGreeting.Iptx v Case Study (Cont.) Step 1: Is the system default sufficient?The system and custom Auto Attendants can use the holiday lists to branch to special menu items or prompts on these dates.Management wants the automated attendant to answer the phone and present the caller with a custom greeting: Welcome to acme.MenuProvide a menu from which caller can choose a series of options.Iptx v Automated Attendant Concepts CUE AA Editor Scripts prepared off-line and uploaded to the CUE system Up to five automated attendant applications resident on system One system and four custom active applications One deactivated system and five custom active applications Stored scripts: six.Iptx v Summary The automated attendant on CUE has system defaults, but these can be customized.Please press 1 if you know your partys extension.Cseg segment org 100h Begin: mov sp, 10Bh mov.