centos 4.7 dvd iso

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Windows Server 2003 (Enterprise) 32 kvm-72 AMD 64 Works by Alexey.Fedora 8 32, 64 kvm-85 Intel, AMD 64 Works by Alexey.Windows 2000 Pro (SP4) 32 kvm-64 Intel, AMD 64 Works use Qcow2 format.Slackware Guest Guest bitness Host version Host cpu Host bitness Status Comments Slackware.2 32 kvm-36 Intel 32 Works Slackware 12 32 kvm-36 Intel 32 Works Slackware 11 32 kvm-15 Intel 64 Works using test26.s kernel Qemu-Puppy Guest Guest bitness Host version Host cpu Host.USB hardware key works (Hasp Virtio drivers for LAN and HDD still testing.DragonflyBSD Guest Guest bitness Host version Host cpu Host bitness Status Comments DragonflyBSD.10.1 32 kvm-58 Intel 64 Works avoid kvm-64-67 which require -no-kvm-pit to work; use -net nic, modele1000 to avoid network timeouts DragonflyBSD.2.1 32 kvm-85 Intel 64 Works not tried X unix.Nová verze bude také obsahovat.CentOS.4 32 qemu-kvm-0.12.3 AMD 64 Crashes When installing from the netinstall image, hangs during installation of the first packet.
Debian Etch.0 32 kvm-64 Intel 64, 32 Works by Alexey.
Debian Lenny.0 64 qemu-kvm-0.11.1 Intel 64 Works by Patrick.
ReactOS.3.0 32 kvm-14 AMD 64 Works FreeDOS.0 32 kvm-71 Intel 64 Works MS DOS.22 32 kvm-88 Intel 64 Works Works with "-cpu qemu32".
Opensuse.2 32/64 kvm-28/kvm-51 Intel 64 Crashes, Workaround exists Start kvm with -no-kvm for installation.Simply type the following command as root user: # yum update.OpenBSD.5 32 kvm-85 Intel 32 Crashes Use the e1000 driver -net nic, modele1000 to avoid lockups and slow network speeds.NetBSD.0.2 32 kvm from.6.32-2-amd64 debian kernel on debian sid both Intel and Amd 64 Works avoid slow down/ hangs with -no-acpi and network timeout by using -net nic, modelne2k_pci, disable both SMP and acpi in /g inside guest MirBSD Guest Guest bitness Host.Nová verze je urena pro vvojáe a testery.Garry Dolley OpenBSD.4 64 kvm-78 AMD 64 Works OpenBSD.2 32 kvm-58 Intel 32 Works OpenBSD.1 32 kvm-72 Intel, AMD 64 Works by Alexey.Requires noacpi in boot options Fedora 1 32 qemu-kvm-0.12.3 Intel 64 Crashes by Patrick.Install from CD works, but then you must do the following at the next boot prompt: "bsd -c "disable mpbios expertise windows 7 rainmeter theme then "quit" Make this permanent by using "config -ef /bsd" as root, once everything has booted.Windows Server 2008 (Datacenter) 32 kvm-72 Intel, AMD 64, 32 Works by Alexey.(setup is unstable, rerun several times) Windows Server 2003 (Enterprise) 32 kvm-72 Intel 32, 64 Works by Alexey.