can vsphere 5.1 manage esxi 5.5

ESXi.1.x (including all released updates and patches).
Server Configuration Issues New High package loss might occur when two ESXi systems have the same MAC address When you install ESXi on a Dell r720 server, incorrect or duplicated MAC addresses are assigned on the embedded Intel I350 network interface.
Workaround: Assign as least one vmknic to one IPv4 address.
Workaround: You can use the vCenter Server Appliance setup wizard to reset the database.Login or navigation errors after upgrading a vCenter Server Appliance with a static IP address After upgrading a vCenter Server Appliance with a static IP address, you might experience the following errors: When you attempt to log in to the vCenter Server Appliance Web interface.You can ignore the warning and proceed with the installation.Workaround: Manually stop the service after booting the ESXi host.Hardware Compatibility for ESXi, to determine which processors, storage devices, SAN arrays, and I/O devices are compatible with vSphere.1, use the ESXi.1 information in the, vMware Compatibility Guide.A communication error occurred while sending data to the server.Zip Add-EsxSoftwareDepot http vcenter server /vSphere-HA-depot Clone the existing image profile and add the vmware-fdm VIB.Standard Installer and Press Enter.
Installation fails when you attempt to install vCenter Single Sign On in an IPv6 environment When you use the command netsh interface ipv4 uninstall with reboot in a purely IPv6 environment on Windows 2003, 2008, or 2008 R2, vCenter Single Sign On installation fails.
Install ESXi on a FCoE LUN that is smaller than 2TB.
However, if you disable the option, packets are again received.
Please contact VMware Support if you face issues during a large deployment after changing /Net/dvslargeHeapMaxSize to 128 and logs display either of the the following error messages: Unable to Add Port; Status(bad0006) Limit exceeded Failed to get DVS state from vmkernel Status (bad0014) Out.Workaround: Upgrade all hosts to ESXi.1.Workaround: Open the vSphere Client.This results in the compliance failure for the CIM service firewall rulesets.The related item listed in the Advanced Search results might not be the item specified in the search criteria When you perform an Advanced Search in the vSphere Web Client and specify a relationship between objects, the search results are correct, pinnacle studio ultimate v.15 cdn but the related object.