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H displaystyle mathbb H U210D Represents the (the H stands for or the, or, or of a complex.
E displaystyle mathbb E U1D53C?Also occasionally used to denote.I believe that would require some TeX incantations.Rejection, some mathematicians do not recognize blackboard bold as a separate style from bold.The amssymb package loads amsfonts.L displaystyle mathbb L U1D543?Being outside the BMP, these are relatively new and not widely supported.Related: blackboard chalk font, blackboard writing font, blackboard math font, bold font.The French term corps ).Blackboard Bold Letters, source Abuse windows server 2008 terminal services cals pricing Report.
May also be used to denote.
The third column shows the symbol itself (which tietz textbook of clinical chemistry 2nd edition will only display correctly on browsers that support Unicode and have access to a suitable font).
(The Z is for Zahlen, which is German for "numbers".) U1D56B?
Represents the of a, or, or a.
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Thus they are also referred to as double struck.J displaystyle mathbb J U1D541?The in 1993 (14th edition) advises: "blackboard bold should be confined to the classroom" (13.14) whereas in 2003 (15th edition) it states that "open-faced (blackboard) symbols are reserved for familiar systems of numbers" (14.12).X displaystyle mathbb X U1D54F?It then made its way back in print form as a separate style from ordinary bold, possibly starting with the original 1965 edition of and Rossi's textbook on complex analysis.T displaystyle mathbb T U1D54B?Represents the unit disk in the (for example as a model of the or occasionally the decimal fractions (see ).Also asthetically I prefer the bbm fonts over bbold since the latter is sans serif, which doesn't quite fit in right against the AMS serifed fonts.Unicode (Hex symbol, mathematics usage, a displaystyle mathbb.