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The cross-platform nature of Adobe AIR means the nero 8 ultra edition crack iPlayer will work with Open Source and Apple Mac computers "out of the box" on 18 December, said Mr Rose.
The BBC has worked with British company Velocix to test a system which puts servers in ISPs that store, or cache, the most popular iPlayer programmes.A beta version of the BBC iPlayer Desktop that uses the Adobe AIR technology was made available on 18 December with a finished version likely to be released in February 2009.When the iPlayer first launched the BBC was criticised for producing versions that only worked with Microsoft's Windows XP and which used Microsoft's digital rights management (DRM) system to enforce viewing restrictions."The BBC is not building its own content delivery network he said.Those who want to try the new player must first install Adobe AIR and then get the trial version by signing up to be an iPlayer Labs tester via the iPlayer site."But we can help move the market in this area.".Mr Rose said the iPlayer now supported three separate model cv romana pdf DRM technologies: Microsoft, Adobe, and the OMA standards for mobiles.
Traffic congestion, at the same time, said Mr Rose, the BBC has carried out tests to help ISPs mitigate the bandwidth demands of iPlayer users.
In early 2008 ISPs complained that the popularity of the iPlayer was putting a strain on their networks and forcing up their costs.
The BBC's iPlayer made its public debut in July 2007.The Corporation also ran tests of a system to help ISPs cope with increase in traffic generated by the iPlayer.The BBC's head of digital media technology, Anthony Rose, who is responsible for delivering the next generation of BBC iPlayer, said the structures put in place by the BBC Trust on how the iPlayer can operate meant DRM was a necessity.It fulfilled the Trust's demand that the iPlayer be "platform neutral he said.Mr Rose said smart software in the iPlayer would check these caches to see if the programme mims drug guide book a user wants is loaded locally on a caching device near the user.Streaming from within an ISP's network cuts the cost of transporting that traffic for both the BBC and the net supplier.Mr Rose said it would establish commercial relationships with ISPs that use the caching technology in the same way it did with other firms that carry or broadcast BBC content.It was up to ISPs now to get hold of the caching boxes and install them, said Mr Rose.The new version of the iPlayer has been written with Adobe's AIR technology which aims to make it possible to create applications that can be downloaded to your computer, rather than just embedded in browser web pages as is possible with the widely used Flash."The BBC Trust said we could make content available for seven or 30 days after broadcast he said.The two systems, which have been able to stream BBC programmes via the iPlayer for a year, will now be able to handle downloads.