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I mean, it's good that you feel that way.
Or we have lost the - you know, some sort of honorific with the - I mean in Europe you can still - you know, you're just seen as so rude if you don't say bonjour, madam or mademoiselle.
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I mean, it's an appreciation for their actions.
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Thank you so much.
So I think that there's a feeling like ma'am is not associated with having status although it does come from madam, from madame, but for a lot of women, it's just almost a brush-off and it also makes them feel, as one woman put.
So, I said okay, well, this is supposed to make me, as a woman, feel better and it's making me feel worse, maybe we don't need.It feels respectful, maybe though I like getting older and feel sexier and happier as I get older.And a lot of them call me ma'am.And I also have a question referring to what the person said earlier about how now it is such a trigger for so many.But you know, all I can say is if a guy wants to write his own little essay about it, I'm perfectly happy to read.