anno 1404 city building layout

All 5 field farms run at 100 on dry soil.
The lower layout uses 60 tiles per farm, but you have to use the ramadan 2013 dubai timetable calendar field exploit (see below) which will result in higher building costs.
They will run at 95 with 2 norias on fertile soil.
1 Imperial Cathedral 334 houses, imperial Cathedral with houses II, edit Imperial Cathedral with 342 houses, and a nicer design!Keep in mind that wheat cannot grow on southern islands, and that all these facilities can be build on northern islands.With the complete city and your first Noblemen you normally have enough income to start building a big army and start waging wars.This layout is usable for rose nurseries on fertile soil, or with norias added around.Second Image shows where to put Fire Stations, if you want them.
A block of 18 rose nurseries supplied by 7 small norias.
Milk 24 milk plantations on 4 norias Grid Layout of the previous image Only usable on southern islands with use of noria exploit.
(and saves some space around the edges) Beer Layour for four breweries plus farms Four breweries and their table football game for pc required farms.
You can build farms upto 5 fields If The farm doesn't need a road, you don't need to build the road (red).
Almonds (for marzipan) This layout is used for almonds on fertile soil or with norias around.
This layout uses.38 tiles per farm where 21 is the absolute minimum with noria exploit and 81 without.
The plan before this one is a lot of work, and demands precision, this one is more simple and has more houses!This layout is usable for grape, date, indigo, silk, coffee and sugar plantations on green soil.All buildings still operate at 100.As a small variation, you can swap the position of the mill and the wheat farm furthest from the road.However, there is a way to make such placements possible, even though it requires demolishing buildings and incurring extra building costs.In the middle you can build a market building with a small noria, a market building with a process building or 2 process buildings.Cattle farms need five 4x4 fields; pig farms only need four 4x4 fields.Home Big Ben Baby Ben Alarm Clocks Big Ben Baby Ben Alarm Clocks The perfect alarm clock is here The Anni Westclox Big Ben venide Baby Ben wind up alarm clocks!Carpets are good to sell for extra money and needed for nomads to advance.If you barely can't fit a tight corner (15 tiles, not 16 you can push in a set of beehives along an edge.Linen Ropes Magers.D.'s Linenropes Loop 4x Weaver's hut 2x Ropeyards.All nurseries operate at 100 on dry soil (see noria exploit ).To increase efficiency, add more Market Buildings with (almost) the same layout(second image).Every Market Building needs a 747 height and 545 width (18x14 in total) Placement of 6 rectangle fields (base model) Edit Six of a Kind The placement of 6 production buildings, with 1 Market Building.1 Marketplace 87 houses 4 chapels 4 carpenter's house 2 taverns 1 debtor's prison 1 church.