analysis services tutorial 2008 r2

Follow the given steps to time management for system administrators ebook run the query.
This tutorial is based on Adventure Works Cycles, a fictitious company.
Our high level outline is as follows: Design and develop a star-schema.
It is difficult to combine related sets of information.Cubes are multi-dimensional data sources which have dimensions and facts (also known as measures) as its basic constituents.Brief Introduction to olap Cube, what is olap Cube Why do we need it?Multi-dimensional expression (MDX) is the query language used to query a cube, similar to the way T-SQL is used to query a table in SQL Server.Importadores Neptuno manufactures several critical subcomponents for the Adventure Works Cycles product line.A typical higher level cube development process using ssas involves the following steps: 1) Reading data from a dimensional model 2) Configuring a schema in bids (Business Intelligence Development Studio) 3) Creating dimensions, measures and cubes from this schema 4) Fine tuning the cube.Online Transaction Processing (oltp online Analytical Processing (olap).
Subsidiaries are very dissatisfied with this focus, and want to be able to view reports in different currencies and different languages.
In this tutorial, you will learn the following: How to define data sources, data source views, dimensions, attributes, attribute relationships, hierarchies, and cubes in an Analysis Services project within BI Development Studio.
The following components, samples, and tools are required to complete this tutorial: SQL Server Database Engine, analysis Services, business Intelligence Development Studio.
Bids (Business Intelligence Development Studio) comes with Microsoft SQL Server 2005, 2008 (e.g.The headquarters for Adventure Works Cycles is Bothell, Washington, where the company employs 500 workers.Designed to hold historical data for analyses and forecast business needs.Adventure Works Cycles is a large, multinational manufacturing company that produces and distributes metal and composite bicycles to commercial markets in North America, Europe, and Asia.However, while these aggregate tables greatly improve query performance, the infrastructure that they built to maintain the tables over time is fragile and prone to errors.Users in different business units are interested in different views of the data.Step 6: Dimension Modification In Solution Explorer, double click on dimension Dim Product - Drag and Drop Product Name from Table in Data Source View and Add in Attribute Pane at left side.