amazing race season 22 episode 8

However, Wynona didnt listen and decided to try rolling one cheese wheel just as Joey Meghan finished delivering their four wheels.
This meant that as long as Katie struggled, Mona Beth and Caroline Jennifer couldnt pass the nero 7 ultra premium serial key newlyweds as they were behind her.
Becca Droz, liz Espey, scott Flanary, sara Fowler.Later, the hockey brothers joked that this was their two-week anniversary with the country singers and that they havent got anywhere yet, not even a kiss.Once they made it back to safe ground, they would find their next clue on the bottom of the Gnome.Reading the clue on the bottom of the Gnome, both teams discovered they had to travel by train to the Grindelwald Grund station, cross the Lutschine Bruggli Bridge, and follow the sound of the Swiss Alphorn.However, they didnt read their clue properly at Cheese Hill.THE END OF THE mullet, after eight improbable legs, Chuck Wynonas unbelievable journey came to an end in Switzerland, where the married couple was eliminated while hockey brothers Bates Anthony notched their third win in a row.London Kaye, matt Ladley, jenn Lee, kevin.They groaned with disappointment.With their new canine friends in tow, the six teams boarded the train and climbed the mountain up to Jungfaujoch.Just as the two aligned teams reached the platform, the doors on the train to Interlaken shut, and the other four teams already on board cheered in surprise and excitement as they pulled away from the station.
Jumping off the train at Bern, married couple Chuck Wynona, newlyweds Max Katie, Bates Anthony, and Caroline Jennifer all quickly hustled to track 5 and boarded their connecting train to Interlaken with minutes to spare.
Caroline announced, I am not excited about this.
I just dont want to get eliminated.
When Joey tried to get Meghan to walk faster, she snapped, Im trying my hardest.Teams had to use a traditional Grindelwald sled to transport four 50-pound wheels of cheese from an outdoor storage shed to a barn at the bottom of the hill.Ive tried to motivate her but its been physically grueling and draining on her.Reaching Kirche Grindelwald, the teams saw a sign stating that the alpine shepherd would appear at 8:55am the following morning.Francesca Piccoli, floyd Pierce, michael Rado, redmond Ramos.Both racers reached their Travelocity Roaming Gnomes, hooked them onto carabineers, and stepped back into windows on the other side of the observation decks.Bates said, Pretty sweet.Eventually, Chuck got ahead of Wynona and began pulling her up the hill, which finally got the couple making forward progress as they watched Joey Meghan slide down the hill.The kids need a mother.They had to use proper methods (the sled) to transport the cheese from the shed to the barn instead of rolling.As the couple nervously waited out the penalty hoping Joey Meghan wouldnt arrive, Chuck told Phil, Physically, weve never matched up with this.See All Cast, phil Keoghan, shamir Arzeno, logan Bauer.