all power generator 10000 watt manual

Inspect the air inlet and outlet openings inside and outside the enclosure to ensure air flow is not blocked.
Gasoline is extremely flammable and is explosive under certain conditions.
Deep Freezer 500 800 Microwave Oven.Whether bracing yourself for snow storms, torrential rains, or high winds, Briggs Stratton portable generators ensure you kemulator lite 0.98 with jre have the power you need whenever and under any conditions.2 safety information Read and understand this instruction manual before operating your generator.A transfer switch, which isolates generator power from utility power, is prerequisite.Generator maintenance consists of keeping the unit clean.Moisture or ice can cause a malfunction or short circuit in electrical components, which could result in electrocution.Key can be removed / inserted.5 Turn the engine switch to the start position and hold it there for 5 seconds or until the engine starts.
Guarde este manual del operador y estúdielo frecuentemente para lograr un funcionamiento seguro y continuo de este producto.
Unleaded gasoline produces fewer engine and spark plug deposits and extends exhaust system life.
22 change THE carbon-brush change THE AVR.
Be damaged if the Voltage Selector Switch is changed with the breaker in the ON position.
16 DJ190F-11100-D 1 Crank case assy.Maintenance The Importance of Maintenance.DC Receptacle The DC receptacle may only be used for charging 12 volt automotive type batteries.AC Receptacle Selection The generator has two separate main power producing circuits.You can help prevent accidents by being familiar with your generators controls, and by observing safe operating procedures.Secure the support leg to the cradle with cap screws (M8 x 16) and lock nuts (M8) (see figure 22).After removal from storage, drain the stored gasoline into a suitable container and fill with fresh gasoline before starting.Never use spark plugs which have an improper heat range.The generator may Ground Terminal The generator ground terminal is connected to the frame of the generator, the metal non-current-carrying parts of the generator, and the ground terminals game 7 wonders full of each receptacle.To prevent carburetor malfunction, service the air cleaner regularly.Electric Shock Hazards The generator produces enough electric power to cause a serious shock or electrocution if misused.Change Your Generator Oil, make sure your Briggs portable generator has enough oil in it to keep it running smoothly and improve your engines lifespan.Briggs Strattons fuel preserver keeps fuel fresh for up to 36 months.3 contents safety information.2 component identification.4 wattage reference chart.7 specifications.8 wiring diagram.9 assembly.10 PRE-operation check.10 starting THE engine/stopping THE engine.12 operating instructions.12 maintenance.15 storage.18 troubleshooting.19 warranty service information.24.