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The MultiROM at the back of the Workbookcontains audio material linked to the ListeningSections in the Workbook.
Speaker 5My dad has got loads of friends, but hes lost a fewfriends over the years too, because hes got this habit ofspeaking his mind.Goldie Hawn (photo 3) and Kate Hudson (photo 8)are mother and arlie Sheen (photo 4) and Martin Sheen (photo5) are son and ckground informationScarlett Johansson is an American actress andsinger; her twin brother, Hunter, is younger thanher by three n Affleck is an American actor.Put your coat on, were going for a walk, shellsay.And anyway, youdidnt like your job, did you?Speaking p271 Get students to look ahead to the how to do it boxfor describing photos on page 123.The remainder of the letter is Paragraph.4 KeyFormal Informalassist helpinformed toldresembles looks likefunds money/cash5 Keysentence a end of paragraph bsentence b end of paragraph asentence c end of paragraph dsentence d after first or second sentence inparagraph cOptional activityOnce students have matched the sentences.Thats why I dont like.I find it satisfying when I do well in anexam, for example.Id feel as though Icouldnt breathe.4 When they have finished, focus on examples ofhypothesising language,.g.Dictionaryskills work is integrated throughout the Students Bookand Workbook, with additional support in the Using adictionary for exams booklet in the Teachers Pack (seepage 10 of this Introduction).As well as being encouraged to consolidate, improveand activate their knowledge of the English language, students are given.
Unit 1124 A We dont know whether this is true ornot.
Then getthe pairs to report their ideas back to the stening p141 Limit this warm-up activity to five minutes.2 The phrases in bold in the Tapescript show wherethe answers can be y1 C 2 A 3 C 4 C 5 ATapescript 2PPresenter sesame street dvd box sets AAdamP Welcome.
It helpsme to relax.
At thisstage, just elicit and/or pre-teach a few examples, perhaps in terms of opposites,.g.
The umbrella topics are the same as those inthe Students Book but the section topics are different, although they have some connection to those in theStudents Book.
But as we talked about it, it became clear thatthey hated the countryside!Dictionary skillswork, similar to that in the vocabulary sections, alsofeatures e Writing sections deal comprehensively with thecompulsory Part 1 question and all the choices in thePart 2 examination task types.If you have a monolingual class, you could kaspersky 2010 crack patch key serial letthem explain the difference in their own languagebefore they refer to their ggested answersa When you explain something, you make itclear.But I could live with that ifthe room itself wasnt such a disaster.Steve Im sure I can.4Yes, I heard you lost your job, Martin.Youve got good qualifications andexcellent people skills.Taken together, the sentences mean: not all songsyoure inspired to write are good, but you knowwhen they are good, because they are so e idea of emotions is continued in the followingsentence.7 B The reference to not (being) a particularlyeasy person to live with.3739 see question 9 below. .