1993 chevy lumina 3.1 gas mileage

Struts, water pump, rotors had to be replaced.
Early problem with alternators, 3 in 2 years.A few minor problems, the interior isn't 100 openoffice impress set background color but it still runs great and i'll drive it till it wont go anymore." 3 people out of 3 found this office 2010 keyboard shortcuts review helpful See all 3 consumer reviews Advertisement Advertisement Search Cars for Sale Cars for Sale.My fault though, I think, I have not really taken very good care of the car.Never changed trans fluid, plugs, oil about every 7500 and never changed coolant, still, it just keeps going!Highway MPG:27 highway.0 gals/1 Chevrolet Lumina 6 cyl,.4 L, Automatic 4-spd.Combined MPG:20 combined city/highway, mPG, city MPG:17 city.I was going to give it to my brother as I have a Dodge Ram truck and what do I need two vehicles for?Bought this car in '98 and it's been one of the best things I ever did.Report Abuse, read All Reviews.Combined MPG:18 combined city/highway, mPG City MPG:15 city Highway MPG:24 highway.6 gals/1 Chevrolet Lumina 6 cyl,.4 L, Manual 5-spd Regular Gasoline east tec eraser 2014 activation key Not Available How can I share my MPG?Love another this good!
240,000 on it now.
Combined MPG:18 combined city/highway MPG City MPG:15 city Highway MPG:24 highway.6 gals/100 miles Mobile Español Site Map General Links FAQ Contacts USA.
My gas mileage is great for a car this size too,28 mpg.
I use it for getting around town and have driven halfway across the country.It's a 96 and it has outlasted a 2002 dodge caravan.Combined MPG:21 combined city/highway, mPG, city MPG:18 city.The motor was still good so I got another Lumina rolling chassis in good condition and swapped the motor.Very comfortable and easy on the wallet.After panicking for a bit, I got back in the car, started it, and drove it home.Still running to this day with 246K miles." 4 people out of 4 found this review helpful My first and only car By k on Sunday, June 27,.0 overall rating 8 of 10 rating details Reviewer Ratings Overall Rating 8/10 Value 7/10 Reliability.The only fixes I've made were a battery terminal broke and leaked acid and, just this weekend, I replaced the alternator.